Martin Luther`s Message for Us Today

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A perspective from the South.

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A critical reading of Luther’s experiential theology yields an astounding crop of insights in terms of contemporary worldviews and predicaments, whether Western or African. The involvement of the author in five decades of South African history forms the background to this interpretation. This is a must read for Lutheran church leaders and members, in fact for Christians in general. Nürnberger has unearthed the treasures of Luther’s theology and its relevance for contemporary life and death issues. (Bishop Dr Ndanganeni P Phaswana ELCSA). Nurnberger shows that faith in God’s transformative acceptance of the unacceptable gives hope and courage to act in a free and responsible way in all spheres of life. (Dr Detlev Tonsing ELCSA-NT). Are you seeking answers to theological and ethical questions that have perplexed you? Then this is a book for you and you do not have to be a Lutheran to appreciate it. (Prof Ramathate T H Dolamo Unisa). This book highlights the contribution Luther`s approach could make to the ecumenical debate in our situation. (Dr Harold le Roux ESSA).

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