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Spirit Undaunted

Steve De Gruchy, Desmond Van Der Water

Published 2005  |  264  Pages |  ISBN 978-1-875053-52-2
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The life and legacy of Joseph Wing.

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Spirit Undaunted: the life and legacy of Joseph Wing introduces us to one of the most unassuming leaders of the church in South Africa during the apartheid era. Joe Wing`s influential leadership in the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa, the Witwatersrand Council of Churches, the Church Unity Commission, the South African Council of Churches, and the Federal Theological Seminary placed him at the heart of the Christian struggle for justice in society and unity in the Church.

This volume includes a biographical essay by Steve de Gruchy, a reflection on his theology and ecclesiology by Desmond van der Water, and shorter essays in tribute to him from a range of authors. Throughout these essays, the faith and commitment of this servant of God bears testimony to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the most difficult of circumstances. His was indeed an undaunted spirit. Tributes to Joseph Wing upon his retirement in 1987: `I love him deeply and have been impressed with his courteous wisdom . I have relied on his support and advice at critical times in my own life and I have yet to regret acting on that counsel` (Archbishop Desmond Tutu) .

`The story of Joe`s life and ministry is part of the history of the Church-State confrontation in South Africa right up to the present time.` (Dr Beyers Naude;) .

`His contribution was marked by wisdom, charity, concern, and candour, with underlying it the assurance and strength derived from long service to the cause of ecumenism in the structures of the SACC.` (Archbishop Denis Hurley)

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Steve De Gruchy, Desmond Van Der Water

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