Anglicans against Apartheid, 1936 - 1996

Bob Clarke

Published 2008  |  594  Pages |  ISBN 978-1-875053-50-6

"The South African churches have made a substantial contribution to the struggle for real change in this country and the Church of the Province has pride of place in that historic lineup. Its consistency and forthrightness on national issues inspires us all" (Nelson Mandela, to Archbishop Tutu from Victor Verster Prison on 12 August 1989).


In the course of his ministry as an Anglican priest in South Africa, Bob Clarke worked in parishes and in ecumenical contexts and as a Church History lecturer. He was deeply involved in ministry to people detained without trial, as well as in conflict resolution and monitoring South Africa’s first democratic election in 1994.  

"Well done for this great book .It is fascinating, well written and succinct and captures key historical milestones in an accessible manner and indeed makes history come alive. All Anglicans, in particular those who want to draw from a rich well of in-depth research and accessibly written history should read this account. Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Cape Town. The counter-balancing of great figures of bishops and archbishops with the experiences of ordinary people like the Calatas and Ncacas whom we know intimately makes the book attractive to all and reflective of our history. Canon Prof Peter Mtuze.

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