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Human Life is Cultural

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Introducing Anthropology (Stuart C Bate editor)

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In today`s multicultural world, most people agree that we need to relate to one another in tolerance and respect. But as we encounter different groups of people we are often surprised by the things they do and baffled by the different way they see things and the strange decisions they make.

This book seeks to explore the reasons for differences and similarities in human behaviour throughout the world. From the time we are born we begin to discover the world of human life. It is a life of many different behaviours and practices. We learn language to communicate in that world and as we grow we become increasingly familiar with the beliefs, values, traditions, customs, laws, rituals and other behaviours of people around us. We develop a way of understanding and viewing our world, a process of reasoning and the ability to make judgements. All of these are cultural events since the world that people create is a cultural world. Human life is cultural. This book helps us understand the effect of culture in our own lives and to be more open to different forms of human expression.

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Stuart Bate