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Dominicans in Africa

Philippe Denis, Robert De Viana (Editors)

Published 2003  |  264  Pages |  ISBN 978-1-875053-38-7
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A History of Dominican Friars in sub-Sahara Africa.

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Philippe Denis editor, Robert da Viana translater. Dominicans have been in sub-Sahara Africa since the fifteenth century. Today the Order has communities in a dozen African countries. The story is recounted here by many voices, the majority from Africa itself while the rest have had long associations with that continent. In this book only the Dominican friars are taken intoaccount. The nuns and apostolic sisters are mentioned in passing. No doubt another book will be necessary to tell the full story. `Africa is suffering a dreadful moment of crucifixion and yet there is so much more, so much promise for the future, so much life and hope. If Africa is to share with the rest of humanity all that it has to give, then it cannot accept being forgotten. It must share its memories, and for the Dominican Order, that means our memories. This includes the telling of the story of the past, with its promise of a future. This is a story of courage and of renewed hope.`

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Philippe Denis, Robert De Viana (Editors)

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