Beyond Marx and Market

Klaus Nurnberger author


. Klaus Nurnberger author. *Not for sale to customers in the U.K. Available from Zed Books Marxism-Leninism has collapsed capitalism has triumphed--- or so it seems. But socialism was a response to the failures of capitalism in the first place. Capitalism has led to phenomenal growth in economic centers, but it was unable to overcome poverty, economic marginalisation, resource depletion and ecological deterioration on a global scale To design the future we must divine the past. Nothing can be gained from trying to reinvent the wheel, repeat old mistakes, and rehash obsolete arguments. To find a way forward, we must assess historical attempts to address the economic problem. In a non-technical language Klaus Nurnberger provides a lucid overview of capitalism, social democracy, Marxism-Leninism and their different variations. Each is placed in its historical context. Each is analyzed in terms of its ideology and its practical performance. Third World experiences are taken into consideration. The underlying value systems are brought to light. Directions for the future are derived from these findings. This book is an indispensable guide through the ideological maze at a time when millions of people are longing for a new economic dispensation.

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Klaus Nürnberger