Dominican Women - A Time to Speak

Kathleen Boner

Published 2000  |  438  Pages |  ISBN 978-1-875053-14-X

This study offers an intriguing account of continuity and change amoung a group of religious women dedicated in the main to education. It reveals their dilemmas, as well as the personalities of their leaders, as they responded to massive changes in the Catholic Church, the reality of South Africa, and the social position of women.


The story that Kathleen Boner carefully traces is likely to evoke similar memories among members of other church bodies. As we approach 2000 years of Christianity many religious organisations sense that they should now take stock of their past; this study sets a fine example of how that might begin. This historical study of the first Dominican sisters in South Africa, makes an important contribution to women's history. Kathleen Boner tells the story with affection and even tenderness, but with the same rigorous scholarship and commitment to truth that she brings to all her academic work.

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Kathleen Boner

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