Christian Spirituality in South Africa

South Africa the Natal Midlands (Celia Kourie and Louise Kretzchmar editors).


Spirituality is an area of increasing interest for humanity at this stage of history. The transmission of spiritual wisdom predates history and at the same time, captivates the hearts and minds of women and men of the third millennium. The importance of spirituality in all areas of society is evidenced by workshops, conferences, retreats, etc., held inter alia, in business corporations, healthcare organisations, educational institutions, and political forums. 

The church and academia are re-assessing the value of training in spirituality, and new courses and degrees are coming to the fore to meet this need. With the foregoing in mind, the present book serves to locate Christian Spirituality in South Arica. In a country which is experiencing great political and social change, it is imperative that our new society is built on a strong foundation - one that is formed by true gospel values. All the contributors write from their own experience of living and working in this country and are committed to the ongoing development of the new South Africa. It is hoped that such an endeavour will be a 'call to rediscover our humanity in the presence of God and the Christian community, so that we may live as credible witnesses to God's kingdom in the context of a challenging and often broken world.

Data sheet

Cecilia Kourie, Louise Kretzschmar