A Holistic Soteriology in an African Context

Utilising Luther`s Theology and the Owambo Traditions to Overcome a Spiritualised and Privatised Concept of Salvation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (Dr. Veikko Munyika author). paperback, 462 pages

Dr. Veikko Munyika author. The main central motive of Dr. Munyika in his dissertation is the spiritualisation and privatisation of the concept of salvation in an African post-missionary context. The problem is the confinement of salvation to the eternal blessedness of believers, with the emphasis put on their reward in the eternal life in Heaven. This emphasis robs present life of its value and ranks it only as a preparatory stage for the real life after death. The study of Dr. Munyika takes on the task of gaining a comprehensive soteriology in his church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia, and avoiding any intentional or unintentional alienation of prayer and social involvement, spirituality and social responsibility. There is no worse heresy, Dr. Munyika says, than the one which separates love of God from love for our neighbours. Director Rev. Erkki Helminen, FELM. Veikko Munyika is at present the General Secretary of his church, settled at Oniipa, in the North of Namibia. He does not only analyse a specific religion in a certain African situation, but also gives a long-term presentation of church history and it’s dogmatic understanding. Here we even have a unique work about the encounter of Lutheran missionaries with an indigenous, socially restricted African population. This is a very instructive and relevant theological masterpiece!. Seppo Löytty, DT. previously lecturer at Paulinum, Lutheran Theoligical Seminary, Windhoek

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