A Voice Within Church and Society

This is an anthology with a difference, prepared by Bishop Michael Nuttall from his many public speakings and writings over the course of 50 years. It is a public record of a voice, both spoken and written, for the well-being of both church and society.

Woven into this tapestry is a restrained yet strong personal thread as the reader is let into the aspirations, convictions - and struggles - of the author`s own mind and heart: all this within the vortex of a South Africa where he longed to see the dawn and blossoming of a new-found freedom and an authentic unity among her people. The Christian Lives in Africa Series aims at documenting the trajectories of African Christians who left a mark in church and society. All genres including journals, memoirs, correspondence and oral history interviews are considered. The series will disseminate significant texts and documents which are not easily accessible. It will enrich and enlarge the knowledge of African Christianity.

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