On Sexuality and Scripture

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A dialogue between the Bible and sexuality provides the focus of this book. A dialogue between Africans and Christians from other parts of the world over a period of five years provides the context of this book.

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The contributions in this book have been arranged into four sections. In the first, two Biblical scholars discuss the importance of the Bible to discussions about human sexuality and what the Bible does and does not say on this subject. In the second, four Biblical scholars wrestle with the Biblical account of the destruction of Sodom, a narrative that has particular power, especially in the African context. The third section comprises Bible studies of the sort that can be used in parish forums and for small group study. In this section, we have tried to avoid being like our world that refuses to celebrate diversity by allowing each contributor to share in their own unique way. What you will encounter in this section are varieties of Bible Studies that have all be used in some contexts. Through this diversity, we are all the more confident that you will find a template for Bible Studies for your own context. The book concludes with personal testimonies from individuals whose attitudes on issues of human sexuality and justice are deeply rooted in their Christian faith and experiences. Masiiwa Ragies Gunda holds a PhD in Biblical Studies and is an experienced researcher on the intersection of the Bible and Sexuality in Africa. Jim Naughton is a partner in Canticle Communications, which works primarily in the Episcopal Church. He is the author of four books and a former reporter for The New York Times and The Washington Post.

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Masiiwa Ragies Gunda, Jim Nauton (Editors)