Amazwi omphrofethi omncane uJona

Riens de Haan and Thulani Hlela

Published 2016  |  92  Pages |  ISBN 978-1-920620-16-5
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Jonah is the most famous of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament, especially because of his three-day journey in the belly of a fish. His story is diligently told at Sunday schools and fervently discussed at Bible studies.

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In this commentary in isiZulu, the authors pay careful attention to the original text of the book of Jonah and they offer a modern translation. They provide the reader with useful insights into topics such as casting lots, suicide and mourning in a Biblical context. They further give helpful suggestions to assist in preparing sermons about the book. Difficulties with the original text of the book are highlighted in isiZulu and accurately dealt with. Its themes such as the might and the mercy of God in dealing with Jonah and with the nations, as well as the problem of unfulfilled prophecies take centre stage in this well-written commentary.

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Riens de Haan and Thulani Hlela

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