The Church and Ecological Justice

Andrew Warmback

Published 2017  |  92  Pages |  ISBN 978-1920620-22-6
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Climate change is the most urgent "Sign of the Times". The injustice in our economic systems is at the root of this and other environmental challenges, destroying God's creation and leading to the  widespread impoverishment of people and communities.

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In working for ecological 

justice the church must act both in "greening" itself - setting a good 

example in its own ministry and mission - as well as in responding to 

the life threatening issues facing the planet.

Andrew Warmback is rector of St Paul's Anglican Church, Durban. This 

book arises out of his work in and with local churches. Andrew's writing 

on the environment has been published in academic journals, as chapters 

in books as well as in various church publications.

Who can stop the destruction of God's earth? We can: You and you and 

you, and I. And it is not just that we can stop it, we have a 

responsibility to do so. It is a responsibility that begins in the 

genesis of humanity, with God commanding the first human inhabitants of 

the Garden of Eden, "to till it and keep it". - Archbishop Emeritus 

Desmond Tutu

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