Faith in Christ Today - Volumes 1 & 2

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This is a most impressive and readable work. It makes a highly original contribution to the exposition of Christian doctrine with intellectual honesty and personal engagement. It brings a fresh breeze to many doctrinal debates and engages the reader in a critical and constructive conversation.

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The task of theology is to translate the priceless message of the gospel of Christ from its ancient sources into current experiences and patterns of thought

In the first volume, the author presents a lucid and accessible account of the ‘Word of God’ and challenges his readers to find their own responses to this message. 

In volume II he interprets the classical assertions of the Christian faith in terms of God’s creative and redemptive project. 

The interdisciplinary perspective is particularly significant. The author weaves insights gained from his engagement with the natural sciences and his experience with political and social theories into his theological argument.

His sensitivity for the concerns of today’s Christians and the pastoral warmth with which he deals with most issues make this work a valuable and liberating reading experience. (Prof Christoph Schwoebel, University of  Tuebingen). 

This is  not only the summation of all Nürnberger's work over many years, but a lively, contemporary presentation of what it means to live in the world in the presence of a redemptive God who offers us life and hope.  Despite its size and scope, Klaus brings to his task a refreshing lightness of touch, a humanity, and a sense of solidarity with the reader as we journey with him over the terrain that he explores (Prof John de Gruchy, University of Cape Town).

This book breaks new ground. Instead of taking Philosophy as his main interlocutor in developing his ideas, the author affords that role to the current scientific worldview. One of the outstanding characteristics of this text is the remarkable coherence which it exhibits. The various subsections of Systematic Theology are closely and consistently developed in terms of the central theme of the book (Prof Conrad Wethmar, University of Pretoria). 

Klaus Nürnberger's Invitation to Systematic Theology takes us into the Word of God, guides us through the various rooms in the theological mansion, and ushers us out into the fertile garden of practical living. God's benevolence becomes our benevolence in daily life. An inspiring treatment of the Christian faith (Prof Ted Peters, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA). 

Although my own paradigm of doing theology sharply differs from that of the author, nobody can deny that he wrote a book of high academic standard which challenges classic orthodoxy in many ways. The author is well-informed, ‘broadminded’, a man of wide reading, intelligent argumentation and always thought-provoking (Prof Amie van Wyk, University of  Potchesfroom).

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Klaus Nürnberger