A Biblical Vision for Africa’s Development?

McGlory T. Spekman

Published 2007  |  316  Pages |  ISBN 978-1-875053-7-11
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Few would use the Bible for correcting the socio-economic imbalances of human societies. Almost none however, would use it as a basis for socio-economic development. Yet, in this ground–breaking book, McGlory Speckman does exactly that.

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The book `A Biblical Vision for Africa`s Development?` is about a search for alternative intervention strategies in situations of deprivation, inequity, inertia and lethargy which aggravate poverty and dependency. Its central thesis is that the power to overcome poverty and dependency lies within individuals and communities and that the creation of conditions that are conducive to the release of a `God given potential` within individuals can lead to a transformation of social structures, thereby the development of non-developed communities. The Bible, an ecumenically shared document in the greater part of Africa, can serve as an effective tool in mobilizing people for development. Does it, however, have the vision for Africa`s development? If so, why has the vision not previously been extrapolated for the benefit of Africa?

In response to these questions, the author embarks on an analysis of the story of the crippled beggar in Acts 3:1-10, against the grid of a People Centered Development model. The rest is for the reader to discover in the book.

McGlory Speckman is a Professor of New Testament in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Pretoria and is currently the Dean of Students and head of the Department of Student Affairs at the University of Pretoria.

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McGlory T. Spekman

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