Anthology of African Christianity

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By the beginning of the twenty-first century, Christianity in Africa has taken shape and established roots in all areas of African reality. It has come to stay. Therefore we welcome Christianity afresh in Africa, where it has arrived to continue the ancient and vibrant Christianity in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. 

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It is very appropriate that the Anthology of African Christianity presents, in valuable detail, this new reality that describes its African landscape in totality. We are grateful to the many learned contributors to this volume, and the editors who have conceived of the idea and with very hard work have now put it into practical action. We are historical witnesses to the unfolding of this rainbow Christianity of the Twenty First Century. John Mbiti, Eminent African Scholar and Philosopher, Former Director of Bossey Ecumenical Institute. The Christianity of the twenty-first century not only will be predominantly that of the majority world, as demographers promise, but also be most palpably coloured by African sensibilities and energies. We are talking not only about the Christianization of Africa and the Africanization of world Christianity but we are also witnessing and attempting to comprehend the `pentecostalization` and `carismatization` of African Christianity and its diasporic influences and impacts. The degree to which we understand Spirit- Christianities in the African world will be the degree to which we grasp the dynamics of world Christianity from the `"rest`" back to the `"West.`" Those who attend carefully to this Anthology of African Christianity will be in a much better position than before to make their own projections, both historic and theological, about the nature of world Christianity for the twenty-first century.

This Anthology of African Christianity is not only a unique achievement but also an essential tool for several generations of researchers, development practitioners, church leaders and politicians to better understand the rapidly changing religious and social conditions of life in the African continent. Proper knowledge of historical conditions, religious profiles and denominational backgrounds of social involvement of Christian churches as well as of Muslim partners in Africa is a key to engagement for development in local contexts.

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Isabel Phiri, Dietrich Werner, Chammah Kaunda, Kennedy Owino (Editors)